Week 7 - Project 365

Well it's safe to say that was a wet and windy week. Here is our little round up from the past week. IMG_20140209_142705

Day 40 - Here is Aly enjoying her Sunday dinner…she did say it tastes a little bit of plastic.


Day 41 - Aly giving pouting a go


Day 42 - There are some points in my life where I like to surprise and be romantic and today I was just that as a bunch of red roses got delivered to Mrs OD3G


Day 43 - After a bath it’s the girls time to relax before a story and bed, Aly normally chooses this time to play on the computer.


Day 44 - As is always the way before bed, Aly gets ready for bed and then gets comfortable in bed and reads us her school book. And she is an excellent reader even if I do say so myself. She’s currently reading Year 2′s books which is pretty good as she’s in Year 1


Day 45 - Sorry this may not being the most inspiring photo but it’s still quite exciting. Today we had a new canvas arrive for a review and it’s of the beautiful girls.


Day 46 - Mia is always trying to copy Aly and thankfully she has also caught the book bug from Aly. Here is Mia reading in the book corner.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this round up and click the badge to see the other Project365 entries.

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