Week 8 - Project 365

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Week 8 already, oh how time is flying. I hope you like this week's photos.


Day 47 – Pirate Dinner - Of course as is normal in this house Aly decided to dress up for Sunday dinner and today it was as a Pirate


Day 48 – The Tale of 2 Brides - Today we went to a friends wedding which was a same sex civil partnership, and it was beautiful and so glad we managed to make it as we were meant to be on holiday this week.


Day 49 – Sister Sister - They are so loving towards each other and often act like best friends, ok sometimes they argue but that’s to be expected.


Day 50 – Daisy Chains - It’s the half term so that means the girls are creating havoc and much mess and today it was about Aly creating flower jewellery using DaisyChains


Day 51 – Fruity - We are very very lucky that Aly is an amazing eater, and most importantly an eater of the right foods. She always eats her vegetables and fruits. Her favourite fruit is pear and you’ll never see anyone eat more of a pear than her.


Day 52 – A Pretty Rainbow - After a week of mixed weather this sight greeted me when I returned home this evening.


Day 53 – Trying to Climb - This afternoon we actually managed to get outside on the weekend and we headed to the woods and the girls gave climbing a tree a go, here’s Mia attempting it.

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