Week 9 - Project 365

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Day 54 - Sunday Art - Another Sunday arrives and for  Aly that means more art for Aly


Day 55 - Pretty Mia - Today was the return of the girls going back to school after half term. When the girls were getting ready for school they both decided that they wanted their hair tied up and Mia looked so grown up and pretty.

photo 2

Day 56 - Peeka - A school run without rain…this is a moment to enjoy


Day 57 - PreSchool Report - Today we had Mia’s parents evening to see how she is getting along now that she’s there for a few full days a week…and we are proud to say she is doing really well and now making friends with others.


Day 58 - Ummm Cake - It’s very rare if we find out what Mia has been up to at PreSchool but this was a day when we found out because it was a yummy cake…the problem was that she only made one and that was just for her.


Day 59 - Another Rainbow - High above Lewes was this rainbow just as I left work to start my weekend.

photo 3

Day 60 - Hairy - Mia decided that today she would play hairdressers and this was her creation.

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