A Week in Bloom

Ok I confess I may have become a little bit obsessed with taking flower photos this past week. May be it's the warm weather or just because they look so damn pretty but anyway I thought I'd collect them all together from the past week and share them. IMG_20140702_124814

If I'm honest a lot of these flower I have no idea what they are called so when I added them to Instagram I got a lot of comments telling me what they are called and this one I am told is a dahlia.


This is another dahlia which is a new addition to the garden this Summer and it has really added a much needed burst of colour to the garden.


As well as all the flowers and various vegetables we also grow blueberries and it won't be long until we'll be enjoying fresh blueberries for breakfast.


What I love about taking photos of flowers and plants is that they tend not to runaway when you try to take their photo, also if you have the equipment you can get right up close and really take a great detailed shot.


This was one of my favourite photos of the week, it may not be the most perfect photo but it was something that grabbed my eye. I was trying to make sure the rose pattern on the front stood out and also the flowers in the can needed to stand out too.

So that was my week in bloom and to see more of my photos please follow me on Instagram.