Our Whipsnade Zoo Visit

My girls love animals and going to the zoo and when I say mu girls I mean all 3 of them. Even though Whipsnade is only 2 hours or so away we’ve never actually been before. The list of animals at the zoo are quite impressive from the Elephants (Mummies favourite), Zebras (Aly’s favourite), Penguins (Mia’s favourite) and the Cheetahs (my favourite). Throw in some Lions, Hippos, Rhinos and Tigers and you have the full zoo collection.

Luckily for us the zoo opens at 10am which means we don’t have to leave at silly o’clock to get there, as we went on a back holiday weekend it was of course raining which as a result meant the zoo was pretty empty which suits me perfectly.


The first thing you notice about the zoo is the fact that it is really well spaced out and all the animals had plenty of room. Trust me Mummy would have told someone if she didn’t think they were.

Unfortunately we weren’t prepared for the wet weather as best as we could have but it didn’t seem to ruin it, the only down side for the girls was they couldn’t play on the outdoor play area but the Zoo also has an indoor area which it is advised to head there and book a time slot otherwise you will be disappointed.


Once we’d done that we headed to have a little look around the children’s zoo before we headed to see the Elephants. Even with the rain they seemed happy enough to be outside entertaining themselves which made Mummies morning and the girls.

Once we’d had a look at a few different animals it was our time at the indoor play which worked out perfectly as one it started raining hard and as you get an hour in there it allowed us to also grab some lunch in their while they played which made things a lot easier.

A few zoos we’ve been to are pretty small and to be honest after a few hours you’ve finished but Whipsnade is massive and it’s easily a whole day and some of the views are incredible especially when you go up to the penguins and on a nice day you could see for miles.

When it stayed dry we went to some of the animal talks but we really would have liked to have been to some of the shows like the sea Lions but it was just too wet to sit in the rain.

Girls Lion

If you wanted to there was a bus service that could take you around and there was also a steam train but you had to pay for that so we didn’t go on it. You also have the chance to drive around the park but as it was wet most of the animals were up close so walking around probably got the better views and it allowed the girls to really get up close to and see them.

Our Whipsnade Zoo visit was arranged with Superbreak who were a pleasure to deal with and so much so that we have also booked a weekend break with them.

This was a paid review, all thoughts and opinions are our own.