The latest updates from Instagram November 2016

The latest updates from Instagram

Today Instagram announced a couple of new updates these include the fact you'll be able to use live video on your Instagram Stories. This is a step in the same direction that Facebook has taken with it's live feed.

Also announced lately from Instagram is that you can tag people in your stories...just simply use the text and add @ to the beginning to start tagging someone. 

The final update which is only available to a select group of brands is that they can tag products in their photos and link to product pages online. 

For more updates on Instagram keep an eye on their blog

September Instagram Themes

Before the Summer arrived I had been coming up with a theme each week for people to use on Instagram. Then things got busy and it slowly slipped my mind and I stopped doing this. 

What better time to start than at the beginning of the month? The difference this time is I will announce all the themes for the month in one go. I will still collate my favourite photos from the week but at least everyone will know the themes in advance. 

Here are the themes for September so tag away the photos that fit the theme and I will look forward to seeing them. 

Instagram Theme - #PhotalifeWATER

The theme for Instagram was #PhotalifeCHILDREN and judging by all the photos it was a popular theme. It was difficult to pick my favourite four photos to show people. 

My favourite photo from my collection was this one. 

Now it's time to pick the four photos to show, I've picked a few from different people in the hope you'll discover new accounts to enjoy. 

This week's theme to join in with is #PhotalifeWATER, make of that what you will. Sea? River? Drink? It's completely up to you. 

Instagram Theme - #PhotalifeB_W

I confess last week's Instagram theme of #PhotalifeFUN was picked because we knew we'd be at Disney so it seemed the perfect week to use it. 

My personal favourite photo from the week is of course from Disney and it's this one as it signalled the start of our adventure. 

I loved seeing other peoples take on the FUN theme and these are my favourites from the week. 

This week's theme is Black & White so please tag your photos with #PhotalifeB_W and I look forward to seeing what people come up with. 

Instagram Theme - #PhotalifeFUN

The theme for last week was #PhotalifeNATURE which I enjoyed as lots of my photos generally feature this theme. 

My favourite photo of my own was this one. 

There was lots of beautiful photos this week and I'm really grateful to everyone that joins in and I hope people enjoy it. 

These are my favourites from this past week. 

I'm hoping for blue skies this #bankholidayweekend! Do you have any plans?

A photo posted by Jen Dixon (@mymummyspennies) on

It's been cold and dull here so a day for looking back at moments of #capturingcolour

A photo posted by Over 40 and a Mum to One (@over40andamumtoone) on

Now it's time to announce the theme for this week and I've gone for something a little different and it's #PhotalifeFUN. Tag your Instagram photos that fit that theme. 

Instagram Theme - #PhotalifeNATURE

These week's are flying past, and the the theme for last week was #PhotalifeSEASIDE. A theme I really enjoyed and produced some stunning photos and it seemed everyone had good weather. 

My favourite photo from the week was this one from Brighton. 

Now it's time to pick my favourite photos from the people who linked up. 

A beautiful #sunset over #chesilbeach cove #photooftheday #ayearwithmycamera #mysundayphoto #photalifeSEASIDE

A photo posted by Victoria Welton (@vicwelton) on

The theme for this week is #PhotalifeNATURE make of it what you will and I look forward to seeing what people come up with. 

Instagram Theme - #PhotalifeSEASIDE

Tick tock the weeks fly past, the theme for last week was #PhotalifeREFLECTION which was a tricky theme but there's no point being boring and plain. 

My own favourite photo was this one from Pells Pool. 

Now time to pick my favourite photos from the people who joined in over on Instagram. 

Seriously incredible scenes from earlier today at Sheffield Park Gardens. 😍🌳

A photo posted by Alice (@newyoungmum) on

Righty time for this week's theme and it's #PhotalifeSEASIDE, to join in just tag your photos that fit the theme. 

Thank you to everyone that joins in.