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#MySundayPhoto - Take Me Back

I’ve been working on this photo for a little while. I think I’m happy with it and it was edited using Aurora HDR2019. I love how clear the water looks and the drama in the sky.

About 15 minutes before I took this photo was taken it poured down with rain so the clouds were starting to break up.

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#MySundayPhoto - The Calm

Something a little different today. This was taken on Lake Windermere, it was a single rock near the edge of the water and I thought it made an interesting subject. 

This was a long exposure with an 10 stop filter on the front and whilst everything around was busy and hectic this felt calm. To take away any distractions I converted to B&W. 

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#MySundayPhoto - Alone with the Trees

This was a photo I took up on Ashdown Forest the other evening. It was completely peaceful and the whole time I was there I didn't see anyone else. 

There was plenty of rabbits, birds and deer but no humans. 

This was set to a long exposure with an ND filter, just to add a little more detail into the sky. 

We've not had any rain here for about 50 days now and it was so dry on the forest. 

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