Instagram Theme - #PhotalifeREFLECTION

Ah what a beautiful week, the weather has been amazing and it's felt like Summer. The theme last week was #PhotalifeWALK and the photos were amazing this week and it was so difficult to pick my favourites. My favourite photo from the theme was this one. 

The photos that I've picked this week are from people that may not have been picked before, the idea is to try and introduce you to new accounts to follow. 

This mornings walk was leading us up high to the church at #breedononthehill What a wonderful path we had to spur us on #photalifewalk

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#photalifeWALK #capturingcolour #photography #bluebells

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The theme for this week has been picked by Laura and it's #PhotalifeREFLECTION so pop over and join in by adding the tag to your photos. 

Instagram Theme - #PhotalifeWALK

The theme for last week was #PhotalifeGreen and it was interesting to see what people came up with. There was some stunning natural photographs and it was difficult to pick my favourites. The favourite photo of mine was this one from the weekend. 

And now it's time to select four other photos that I enjoyed from the people who joined in. 

And another #minibeast 🐝 #bee #flowers #nature #bug #insect #photalifegreen #savethebees

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Righty time for this week's theme which is going to be #PhotalifeWALK, something a little bit different but what's the point in being the same and safe. 

Instagram Theme - #PhotalifeSIGNS

Last week's theme was #PhotalifeCOUNTRY and it was good to see people out and about. The weather wasn't brilliant with us but we still managed a few photos that seemed to fit the theme. 

My personal favourite photo was this one from up on Ashdown Forest. 

Now time for my favourite ones of people that joined in. 

The #peakdistrict really is #perfect for #walking #instapic #photooftheday #photalifecountry

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The theme I've picked for this week is #PhotalifeSIGNS, make of this what you want. It can be signs of Spring, road signs or anything else that comes to mind. 

Instagram Theme - #PhotalifeCOUNTRY

I am enjoying coming up with a theme every week on Instagram and last week may have been my favourite so far. The theme was #PhotalifeCOLOUR and it was so good to see so many colourful photos across Instagram. 

It was so difficult to pick my favourite photos so showcase I really could have picked them all. This is my favourite photo that I linked up with this week. 

Now for the selection of photos that I enjoyed the most. Sorry if I didn't pick yours but they were all amazing. 

The flowers at @waddesdonmanor_nt were just beautiful to look at today #colours #ntchallenge #photalifecolour

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I went back to the park to take photos of them #tulips again. I also love the#bokeh at the background 😍

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This week's theme is #PhotalifeCOUNTRY, over the next few weeks I want to take the themes out of peoples comfort zones and see what we can all create. 

Instagram Theme - Week 13

The theme for the past week was Easter, well it had to be Easter didn't it?

This may have been my favourite theme so far. It produced lots of amazing photos with people focusing on various different things. There was eggs, baking, hunts and just spending time with family. 

This was my favourite photo that I linked up. 

It was so difficult to pick my 4 favourites this week but I have decided to go for these ones, I hope you like them. 

Yay it's the long weekend! πŸ’—

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Don't touch the eggs! Joy of trying to take photos while little hands grab items. #bloggerlife #blogpost

A photo posted by Christina (@ladybughomedesigns) on

Death by mini eggs. Eek πŸ₯🐀🐣 #photalifeEASTER #littleloves

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Now it's time to pick the next theme and it's going to be #PhotalifeTRAVEL, I look forward to seeing what people come up with for this theme. 

Easter Photo Inspiration

There are a few things when it comes to photography that I'd like to improve on and one of those it the styling of photos. What do I mean by this? 

It's the photos that get uploaded to Instagram and shared across my social media. I've been working really hard in thinking about the way I display these, the way I lay them out and I like to think they are getting better. 

In the lead up to Easter I'd decided I would create various different photos to use in the lead up to the day and I also thought other people may like to use them if they're writing a blog post. 

I tried to keep it simple so after a trip to Hobby Craft where we bought the little rabbit baskets, some fabric and of course some mini eggs. 

Our house doesn't get much natural light so I have to pick when I take these photos and I often have to take a batch of them all in one go. These are all taken in our living room as we have a window that takes up the whole wall. 

The backgrounds that you see are from a big book of backgrounds that was also bought from HobbyCraft for about Β£12. 

All of these photos are available to download for free and use for free just visit Unsplash and view my Easter Collection

Let me know if you like the style of these and also let me know in the comments if you enjoy and would like to see more photo inspiration posts. 

Instagram Changes it's Feed

It had to happen, after Twitter and more importantly Facebook changes the way you see their feeds it was only a matter of time before Instagram followed suit. 

For me the thing I enjoy most about Instagram is the way the feed goes in chronological order. You can see exactly what someone was up to 2 hours ago, you don't miss anything and it just flows nicely. You can go back and pick up where you left off and there is no favouritism in the feed, everyone has their place dependent on time not on importance. 

There was no real shock when Instagram announced today that in the coming months, the way your feed is ordered will be "based on the likelihood you'll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting, and the timeliness of the post... all the posts will still be there, just in a different order." The company owned by Facebook says they're "going to get this right and listen to your feedback along the way." 

Personally I thought they'd got it right already. I like the way you can search, I like the use of hashtags and if I want to look at a profile I can simply search for it. If I'm looking for new people or different photos then I'll use the Explore part of the app. 

I get the feeling this is going down the Facebook route of if you want to get your page seen then you'll have to pay for it. Why ruin the best social media app with this? 

What are your thoughts on this ? Let me know in the comments!

Instagram Theme - Week 10

I can't believe we're actually into March, 2016 seems to flying past. Last week's theme was #PhotalifeYELLOW and I was hoping it would bring out the sunshine but no such luck. 

My favourite photo of mine was a bunch of daffodils in one of Laura's handmade jars. 

I have collected my favourite photos from the people who join in. I am so grateful for everyone that joins in and if you have any suggestions of themes then please let me know. 

Treating myself to roses to start my Weekend 🌹

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#photalifeYELLOW @bakerandspiceme Souk Al Bahar

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It's now time to announce the theme for this week and I've gone for #PhotalifeVIEW. I hope you enjoy it this week. 

Instagram Theme - Week 9

I thought the theme last week was quite interesting but I really struggled with it. For those that missed it the theme was #PhotalifeCOMFORT. 

So my favourite photo that I took was this one of Aly in her desk area working hard. 

Now for my favourite photos from other people that I enjoyed, food plays a part in this week's selection. 

Lunch time, butternut squash and chilli soup - delicious! #lunchtime #warmingup #healthyeating

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Mmmmm. Roll on tea time!

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Right the new theme for this coming week is #PhotalifeYELLOW, lt's add some colour to Instagram. 

I look forward to seeing what people come up with. 

Instagram Theme - Week 8

The theme I picked for Week 7 was #PhotalifeLOVE which I thought was a pretty good one and loved seeing different takes on it. The whole point of this is to take people out of the comfort zone and also for people to hopefully discover new accounts to enjoy. 

My personal favourite of the photos I posted was this one. 

Good morning, feeling a little more life like this morning.

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Like I said I loved everyone's photos this week and I could have picked so many but I've decided on these 4. 

I honestly think this is one of the best photos I've ever taken! These three are my world ❀

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It's also time for a new theme and this week it's #PhotalifeCOMFORT. I'd love to see you all join in and link up a few photos.