Welcoming March

The first of March greets us and I thought what better time to start posting a photo every day on the blog than a new month. 

After January and February and the pretty rubbish weather, March is a welcome sight. 

Don't get me wrong the Winter skies are beautiful but I'm just fed up with the gloomy days and the fact it seems to rain all the time. 

So welcome March, you are much needed. 

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Feels like Autumn

Daily Photo - Feels like Autumn

Not the best photo but I've noticed lots more berries around and it feels a lot like Autumn...berries also make me feel festive. 

Autumn Flowers

New PhotalifeTalks

A new show for the week, not much news by a few questions answers and a new project for me to start. 

Daily Photo - Autumn Flowers

While popping into Waitrose the other day I noticed that they had lots of autumn bouquets to pick from. Instead of buying them I took a photo with the aim to go back and buy some this week. 

Photo Information

Camera iPhone SE

Camera Lens N/A

Aperture F/2.2

ISO 200

Focal Length 4.15 mm

Exposure Time 1/35