4 Key Things To Look For In Your Child's First Car

There comes a time in every dad’s life when he has to face reality. Your kids don’t stay kids forever, they have to grow up sometime. You get a horrible feeling when they leave primary school but still cling on to hope that they’re still kids. It’s only when they reach 17, and start to drive, that things become clear. Your child has grown up, and now he/she needs a car. So, to help out all my fellow fathers, I’ve got an article showing the key things to look for in your child’s first car:


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The size of the car is extremely important. When your child is new to driving, they will struggle with a big vehicle. Imagine trying to take them out in a big people carrier, it would be madness. Instead, you want something that’s easy for them to drive. Look for small cars, I’d say don’t go bigger than a Ford Fiesta. A small car is easy to handle, and much easier to park than a big one. It will help your child learn, and become a better drive.


The cost will always be important when buying a car. But, even more so when you buy your child’s first car. It may sound mean, but, you don’t want to splash the cash on them. The reason being, they could damage the car and may not treat it well over time. So, buying a brand new car would be a waste of your money. You can find loads of used car dealers like Thames Motor Group that sell ideal first cars for your kids. I say buy used, as it saves you money, and can worry less about your child turning it into a pig sty.


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If you have a seventeen-year-old son, then I’m sure he’s dropping hints about what car he wants. Sometimes, they’re not so much hints as they are blatant pictures of the car they want! Often, it’s a fast car with a big engine. Unfortunately, this is not an appropriate first car for anyone. Don’t get them a car that can reach ridiculous high speeds with loads of power in the engine. It’s too dangerous, and they could end up in an accident.

Fuel Efficiency

Ideally, you want to buy your child a car that’s highly efficient. This means they’ll spend less on fuel, and it will be cheaper for them to run. After all, you don’t want them coming to you asking for petrol money every other week! In a dreamland, you’ll find a hybrid or electric car that’s affordable and suitable for them.

If you’re getting ready to buy your son/daughter their first car, then make sure you check this list. The ideal first car is small, affordable, not too dangerous, and cheap to run. Tick all of these boxes, and you know you’re getting your child a good car. It may not be their dream car, but, they have the rest of their lives to buy that for themselves!

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