Aly’s Dream Horse

Just up the road from us, we have a place called Sussex Horse Rescue, a place that looks after horses and donkeys that have been injured or abandoned.

During the Summer months, this is open on a Sunday with a small admission fee which helps pay for the upkeep and every year they also produce a charity calendar...which I'm taking the photos for this year.

A few weeks back I took the girls up there as it was the open day, we got to see all the animals, feed a few of them and much to their delight they also got to have a pony ride.

Aly loves drawing and creating things so when Petplan the pet insurance specialist asked if she'd like to design her own dream horse and they would custom make one just for her she got right on the project.


Introducing her dream horse called...Unikitty. This is a unicorn but the size of a kitty. The reason is so that it can sit on your lap or sleep on your bed. It's super friendly and also loves sweet things. You don't need special food just chocolate, sweets and the occasional piece of fruit.


Aly loved seeing her toy come to life and she showed all of her friends who all wanted one. After receiving her toy and riding the pony at the local rescue centre I get the feeling she'll soon be adding a horse to her birthday list.

As anyone that has a pet will know having your pet covered is vitally important and especially with an animal the size of a horse.

To get a quote for Horse and Pony Insurance from Petplan Equine visit their site so that you don't end up with sleepless nights and regretting that they didn't take out insurance.

This post has been possible thanks to Petplan, but all thoughts are my own.