Avoid A Trip To A&E, Keeping Your Kids Safe Playing Sports

If your kids love sports as much as mine do, they’re out all summer staying active and keeping fit. That’s great, but you don’t want them to suffer a serious injury while they’re out playing do you? You definitely don’t want them to end up in a hospital or miss a few weeks of school due to severe pain. This is why you need to think about how to keep your children safe playing sports. There are a few tips I’d recommend here. Some Supervision

Depending on how old your children are and what sport they’re playing, I would recommend some level of supervision. Particularly, if your kid is under twelve and trying something like skateboarding. Skateboarding is incredibly dangerous, even with all the right gear and experience. Think about that next time you send them to the park with their board by themselves.

Professional Environment

It’s better to encourage your kids to join a team or a group rather than just playing with random people at the park. Typically, a team will have a coach. They are there to keep the players safe as much as they are to ensure the rules of the game are upheld. You should also ensure your kids are playing in a safe environment. BMXing is a lot less dangerous at a skate-park compared to at the side of the road.

Remind Them All Athletes Use ProtectionIf your child loves sports, they are going to have a favourite player. If you want them to wear their protective gear, just remind them that their hero does too. As you can see in the infographic below, safety foam padding exists in almost every sport, including F1!

Infographic Produced By Technical Foam Services

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