BML16 - BritMums Live 2016

This past Saturday it was the annual parent blogging event BML16 - BritMums Live 2016. This is an event I've attended for the past 4 years. In previous years it's been a two day schedule but this year they changed in to a single day. Before I go on about the event I must say a massive thank you to my sponsors GenieLocker, without their support I wouldn't have gone.

BML16 - BritMums Live 2016
There was a fringe event on the Friday night but I didn't go to that instead I opted to travel up on the Saturday morning and arrive for the start time of 9am. The plan was that this year it starts at 9am and finishes after the awards at 7.30pm.

BML16 - BritMums Live 2016

I'm not normally one of sitting listening to the opening keynote speakers but Anne-Marie Cockburn was simply amazing and such an inspirational speaker and I think everyone took something from that. After a game of Pass the Parcel to try and break the ice (which I'm never a fan of) it was tea and cake. This allow a chance to interact with others and meet some new bloggers.

It felt like there was a lot of new bloggers this year and it's always good to put faces to names.

BritMums Live


I'll admit I don't really go to these things for the sessions. In fact the only one I went to was 10 ways to tell compelling stories with photography – Charly Dove which I enjoyed and felt Charly presented really well and is a friendly and welcoming person. I may have attending more of these sessions if they were aimed at more advanced subjects. Like I said I don't go for the sessions so other people may have been happy with them.



This is the main reason I attend, to meet new people and catch up with old friends. I'll admit I spent most of the time outside in the seating area eating, drinking and just chatting. I spent most of the time with people I feel comfortable with and people that I feel like we're close friends who only saw each other the other day. Kerri-Ann from LifeAsOurLittleFamily, TheBoyandMe and Pamela from LifeWithMunchers were brilliant and loved spending time with them. It was also good to catch up with some of the other dad bloggers like Tom, John, John, Al & Tim.

BML16 The Dads

Bloggers' Keynote

This is one of the things I've missed over the years, I have in the past headed off home to catch up with the family so I think it helped that these were just before the awards so everyone was there. I honestly thought these were amazing. The stand out speakers came from Tim from Slouching towards Thatcham presenting Pretty in Pink this also included him singing on stage. Al presented his amazing video Stay-at-home-dad interviewed by his son for the job which is simply brilliant. Plus Victoria from Verily Victoria Vocalises reading For the love of blogging - go and read this as it's the best thing I've heard for a long long time.


For me personally I enjoyed BML16 - BritMums Live 2016, I think it needed freshening up and with the one day format they did that. It might make a difference to me because I'm only an hour outside of London so it's easy to get to but I understand if you live further away. I wasn't keen on a few of the keynote speakers mainly because the dads felt alienated. I'd love to see more dads presenting a session and having a male keynote would be perfect. Little things like that would make it more enjoyable plus a little more effort in the food but that's just being picky.

Overall I enjoyed it and it felt like the right amount of attendees and it had a relaxed feel to it.

What did you think of BML16 - BritMums Live 2016? Let me know in the comments