Enough Already! Here's How To Cope With This Crazy Summer

We’re well into the depths of summer now. But as the climate changes in ways that not all of us are entirely comfortable with, summers are getting longer now. It’s not too rare at all now that we have an early or even mid-autumn burst of heat and light. So we need to find ways to cope with these extreme summers. Here, we’re going to look at what you need to do to prepare the home. 


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Make use of that garden

The best thing about hot weather is that it gives you more excuse to get out of the house. But a lot of us just want to relax on our own property. Which means keeping a garden that’s fit to be used. If your garden isn’t up to snuff, consider adding some decking so you have an area you can relax and even enjoy an outdoor meal. Otherwise, think about how you keep it from suffering the harsh effects of the sun. A garden sprinkler system is an easy way to take that particular chore out of your hands.

Let the light in

There’s nothing more depressing than a home covered in shadows when the summer rolls around. So, it’s time to open up your home to more light. It can be as simple as changing the bed-sheets or adding covers to your furniture. Whites and bright colours can maximise the effect of the light coming in. Similarly, you should change your window dressings. Transparent shades or blinds can be a lot less light-blocking than heavy curtains. Another great thing is that extra light makes the house look even cleaner than it is.

Keep the kitchen spotless

Yes, light has a cleanliness magnifying effect. That is, if the place isn’t cluttered and dirty. In the summer, it’s more important than ever that you reduce clutter and mess. One of the places this most easily gathers is in the kitchen. So start using some storage hacks to find more place to keep ingredients and items you need. Wall hooks. Attaching hooks to the insides of cupboards. There are a lot of ways to reduce clutter. Make sure you get plenty of fresh towels from places like LoveTheSign, too. Keep them hanging handily over a radiator or a drawer lip so you can easily wipe as you work.

Keep cool

It’s not all about how the house looks, either. It’s about keeping yourself comfortable and safe. A home needs to be able to maintain its temperature. Normally we think of this in terms of keeping us warm in the winter. Keeping us cool in the summer is just as important. Have your air conditioner checked and consider replacing it. Newer models tend to be a lot more energy efficient, anyway. Clear out your ventilation ducts, as well. Letting air flow between rooms is important for making sure no one area of the home is too hot.We hope the advice above helps. Keep yourself cool and comfortable during the summer, first and foremost. After that, it’s all about how you use that extra bit of weather that’s not terrible.

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