LoveAllDads Podcast Episode 101 - Room 101


This week the team of @Photalife@FloydUK@DiaryoftheDad and @dadwhoblogs are throwing things into Room 101.

To begin with John has a special package to open...I wonder what it could be.

To mark our 101st episode we have been asking for people's recommendations as to what they would put into Room 101.

First up Tom puts his case forward for Baby TV, let's say he isn't a fan.

Lewis then goes for Social Experiments not exactly what we were expecting.

Then John drops the cushion bomb, yep John wants to put in cushions into Room 101. This was a tough fight, never known anyone so upset up cushions.

Darren tries to put January into the room but the others don't seem to be so keen.

We then go through the tweets that we've received this week and there is some brilliant suggestions from everyone.

Next up goes camping, Peppa Pig and nearly anything else we can think of such as cordless mice, 4x4 and a major entry into Room 101 is cancer.

Plus pretty please fill in our Survey.

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