LoveAllDads Podcast Episode 102 - Anyone for Sausage


This week the team of @Photalife@FloydUK@DiaryoftheDad and @dadwhoblogs are munching on sausage.

The first random topic is a gem from John with the story of a man who's wife almost bit his man meat off while cooking sausages.

We then move on to DadBlogUK post Will you support Year Of The Dad 2016? and then we move onto a wonky photo.

Fathers Network Scotland has officially this week launched a new initiative, the Year Of The Dad (YOTD), why hasn't the rest of the UK followed?

For more information visit YOTD website

A special article from Yahoo, I know Yahoo - Do Kids Really Need a Bath Every Day? The Great Debate. Do they really need one a day?

Plus pretty please fill in our Survey.

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