LoveAllDads Podcast Episode 118 - Lynx Africa


Back for another show and I am sorry for the dad jokes at the beginning.

So the team of @Photalife@FloydUK@DiaryoftheDad and @dadwhoblogs are back with more news from around the World.

So first off the bat is the story about Lynx Escapes From Dartmoor Zoo. We only have jokes about this and then it turns into us mainly looking up Beasts of Dartmoor.

LoveAllDads Podcast Episode 118
We almost went a whole week without mentioning the EU but sorry we had a few sentences on the subject.

We drift into the subject of accents and the twangs that our children pick up. Somehow we cover all the bases such as Sean Bean, Home Alone and things they pick up from YouTube.

This is a lovely light-hearted show which includes Goths dancing to Thomas the Tank Engine.

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