LoveAllDads Podcast Episode 121 - In Need of a Drink


Sorry for the lack of show last week but school holidays and family things got in the way.

Righty it's time for episode 121!

The team of @Photalife@FloydUK@DiaryoftheDad and @dadwhoblogs are treating you to a wonderful theme tune.

So what have we missed? Did everyone enjoy the Olympics? Favourite event?

How about the Paralympics will you be watching this? 1243192_169640x360

How about this humdinger of a subject - Why do some parents let their children drink alcohol at home?

Do you allow your children to have a little drink with dinner? Did you used to do it?


How about this for a stat 'The poll of more than 1,000 parents, by Churchill Home Insurance, also found 34% used alcohol as a bribe to encourage good behaviour.' 

We love to venture off on windy paths of stories so this week John tell's us a Quality Street story.

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