Family Fruit Picking

Every year we try to make an effort and go fruit picking. It's a simple activity and one everyone seems to enjoy, a little picnic, the sampling of the fruit and getting some fresh air. 

We're not ones to fill our punnets up to the brim with fruit that we're never going to eat, instead, we stick to what we like so that's strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. 

The place we go to is called Sharnfold and it's just 20 minutes or so down the road but it really is a lovely area and never seems too busy when we visit. In the past, we've had dinner at the pub just next door but this time we took some lunch with us. 

The area where the fruit and vegetables are being grown is pretty big and we've never been there and been disappointed with the selection. It might also help that we're happy just collecting our small basket full. 


As Aly is all about the YouTube here is a short video that she recorded and made. 

Country Kids