My Gift Wish List

My calendar tells me it's under 10 weeks until Christmas but it also tells me it's about 5 weeks until my birthday so I thought I'd put together a little gift wish list. Feel free to buy anything on this list for me.

11 Inch Manual Typewriter


I've wanted one of these for so long. Imagine my daughters face when they see this on my desk. I had one when I was a child put then computers came a long and it got thrown away...I bet it would have been worth some money now. None of that touch screen just the clicking of the keys.

3 Led Lighting System With Wireless Remote Control



This may be the greatest thing I've ever seen, these are wireless remote controlled lights. Imagine being able to go in the loft without carrying a torch and if you're anything like me I usually bang my head on a beam or two. How flipping clever.

Heartbeat Radio


I have no other reason to want this other than it looks cool. When we went to a restaurant in the Summer they had something similar on each table and they looked so cool. This would be perfect for our kitchen.

Papa And Ollie Meerkats Around The Campfire


This one is for all the family. In our garden we have a selection of animals that we've bought each other over the years and I think the girls would love this one.

All of these items are available from Chums

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