Men's Health | A Personal MOT with TENA Men

We were sent this package for the purpose of this post, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

Men's Health | A Personal MOT with TENA Men

The New Year for many signals the start of a new health and fitness plan. Most of us have high hopes of joining the gym and ditching the junk food. We use this time to think about improving our body and look after ourselves.

How many of us actually stick to it?

I'm exactly the same, the running trainers have been cleaned...the healthy eating cookbook has been ordered and I have no doubt it'll soon be forgotten.

The team at TENA Men has found that 1 in 5 men had their last general check-up more than 2 years ago. With this in mind, they have sent me this pack which is designed to break these habits and give yourself a personal always have an annual MOT on a car so why not your body.


So what did the kit include:

Lights: Just like with driving visibility is important so there was a Specsavers voucher and I'm really good with my eyes and make sure I get them checked every two years.

Steering & Suspension: When a car gets older you'll notice that it creaks and that is true of the body too. My body already does that so to keep the joints and muscles moving there is a set of resistant bands. The beauty of these is you can use them in the comfort of your own home and there's plenty of YouTube videos to get you some tips.

Fuel System: A taboo subject for many but it is a common experience that affects 1 in 4 men over the age of 40.  The TENA Men Absorbent Protector can help mop-up all those drips and dribbles.

• Bodywork: We take pride in making sure our car looks sparkling and this is the same with our appearance. A clean shave helps you look and feel your best.

• Emissions: Something I've recently tried is swapping a cup of tea for green tea. It helps maintain a healthy immune system and keep you at peak performance.

• Tyres: Your tyres are checked for a number of things at a MOT, tyre pressure being one of them. So I've been sent a Fitbit to help keep tabs on my blood pressure and fitness and what have I learnt...I don't do anywhere near as many steps as I thought I did.

All of these things combined will help keep you running smoothly.