Mia's Dream Pet

Mia, the youngest in our house is mad on animals and her whole bed and bedroom are covered in so many soft toys. She has everything from cats and dogs to her favourite animal turtles. But there is one thing missing from her collection and that is her dream pet. 

The team at Petplan the pet insurance specialist asked if she'd like to design her own dream pet and they would custom make one just for her. 

Here is the amazing outcome, its the size of a cat with Dalmatian spots, cookie fur and rainbow coloured hair. And its name is Cookie. 

When Mia received this she was so excited to see her drawing come to life. The pet is made up of her favourite bits from her cuddly toys. She tells me that if this pet was real it would smell of cookies and would love falling asleep on Mia's bed. Cookies favourite thing to do is play with Mia and enjoy running around the garden. Its favourite food is cookies and ice cream...not cat food. 

The company Petplan as the name would suggest is a pet insurance specialist and anyone that has a pet will know having your pet covered is vitally important. 

In the past, we've known friends and family whose pets have become ill and they didn't have insurance and as you can imagine it gave them sleepless nights and it's no doubt a regret that they didn't take out insurance. 

When the time comes and Mia gets a puppy for a pet, we would certainly take out insurance cover for any future vet bills. 

Petplan's pet insurance website allows you to get quotes on lots of animals from dogs, cats, rabbits and horses. It's simply to use and in years to come, you'll be glad you took it out.

Since Mia has received Cookie she hasn't put it down and she's slept with it every night. 

This post has been possible thanks to Petplan, but all thoughts are my own.