New Dads - Changing Nappies


This post is the first in what l hope will be a series aimed at Dads. This first post is aimed mainly at new dads and is on the subject of nappies.

Lets be honest the thought of changing a stinky nappy is not that apealing but over the next few years that little bundle of joy is going to need its nappy changed more times than you have hot dinners.

Changing a babies nappy is a brilliant way of bonding with your child and will mean its one less job for the already tired Mummy, and trust me she will appreciate it.

In the early stages you're not expected to be an expert but that will come with practice. The main things to remember are to make sure everywhere is cleaned up with either clean warm water or suitable baby wipes, next make sure everywhere is dry so they don't get sore. If they are already sore use some cream to help sooth. Finally remember to put on a clean nappy, put it on securely but not too tightly. Have a read of this for some more tips for easier nappy changes.

Try and use this time to sing or just entertain them, try not too do this in the middle of the night when others are sleeping it won't go down well.

It's important to remember that you must work as a team, its not going to work if both of you are tired.

Try to enjoy these early days as before you know it they are crawling around your feet and you'll wish they were still sleeping 18 hours a day.