Using Turtle Wax Car Washing, Cleaning And Care Products for a Clean Car

There's certain things I dislike doing but when they're done they always look better. For me cutting the grass falls into that category. For me it takes a good couple of hours but when it's finished it looks so much better. The other chore is washing the car, the thought isn't ideal but afterwards it looks so much better. It's just me being lazy really but as the sun has been out cars always look better when they sparkle in the sun. As an added bonus it's one of those jobs that the girls loving helping me with...shame that's not also true for washing the windows.

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So the people at Halfords asked if we'd like to try out a whole load of Turtle Wax products I decided to give it a go. Turtle Wax is a brand that I remember from my grandad. He always took great pride in his cars and would spend hours washing and waxing them so they'd always look tip top. Now it was time for my car to get the 5* treatment.

The first impressions was just how extensive this range was and it really did cover all bases and included the following items; All Wheel Cleaner – Wet ‘N’ Black – Dash & Glass – Clearvue Glass Clean – Liquid Shine – Wax It Wet – Waterless Wash – Streak Free Wash & Wax – Carnauba Car Wax – Renew Polish – Luxe Leather – Black In A Flash – Interior 1 – Turtle Wax Original – Scratch Repair Kit - Headlight Restorer Kit.

Now we didn't use all of this products on the first wash our car has had in about a might have shocked the car into not starting. With the girls armed with a sponge each and ready to get wet it was time to begin. As it happens we're daily vlogging so the car was wash included quite heavily in the vlog so take a look yourself.

The products we actually used on the car was Streak Free Wash & Wax. I was tempted to try out the Waterless Wash but the girls basically want to play with the bubble while helping me. With the wash & wax you don't need a lot of it to add to the water and as an added bonus is smelt good too. It removed a lot of the dirt and marks without any effort and if I wanted to I could have just left the car washing there.

We then tried Wax It Wet. In the past I've always used a wax once the car is dry so I was interested to see how this worked. Simply wash off all the bubbles and away you go. Working in a small section at a time and by using a clean cloth this worked wonders. In the glorious Summer sun the car have a lovely gleam to it.

With the body work looking good the only thing letting it down was the wheels and windows. So I used the Wet ‘N’ Black to make the tyres look as good as new and Clearvue Glass Clean on the windows. The whole range was simple and easy to use and I will give the others a try out and try my hardest to keep the car clean from now on.

We were sent these products for the purpose of this post, all thoughts and opinions are our own.