Ways to Take on a Big New Job and Balance it with Your Family Life

Everyone wants their career to progress. There’s nothing good about being stuck in a dead end job, so taking a step up with a big new job is always a positive thing. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of challenges and difficulties that you’ll face when you take on a new job. One of the biggest challenges of all is making sure that you balance your new job with your family life. When you have a family to look after, no job comes before them. But a new job often brings new responsibilities and maybe more time at the office too.Therefore, it’s vital to find a way to get that balance right between your work life and your family life. It’s something that many people find difficult when they have a busy job that demands a lot of their time and attention. But it is possible if you think it through and make sure that you get that balance right. You shouldn’t let your worries and concerns stop you from taking on a job that will improve your career. Your family will benefit from your new job in many ways too. Here are the ways in which you can take on that big new job and not neglect your family life.

Discuss the Decision First

You shouldn’t make a decision as big as this without first talking to your family about it. It’s not just you that will be impacted by the decision; your family will too. So, be honest and open with them as soon as you know about the job opportunity coming your way. Listen to their concerns and take their views seriously. Hiding the possibility of a new job from your partner and family is never a good idea.

Discussing your decision with the people closest to you will also take some of the pressure off your shoulders. Making this kind of big, life-changing decision can be very stressful and difficult. Therefore, having someone to discuss all the pros and cons of the job with can be a real bonus for you. Don’t underestimate how useful and important this can be.

Clarify Your Work Hours

Before you accept the role, it’s important to clarify what times you will be working in your new role. Only then can you begin to understand what kind of an impact the new job will have on your family life. For example, some jobs will require you to work on the weekends, but this can have a big impact on the time you spend with your family.

You don’t want to sign a contract without fully understanding how your working hours will be organised. It will cause all kinds of problems with your family if you are no longer able to spend as much time with them as you are used to. It’s one of those areas of confusion that can be easily avoided. So, don’t let it become a problem for you because it doesn’t need to.


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Think About How it Will Affect Everyone

How will your job affect those around you? This is one of the biggest questions you will have to answer. What will the direct impact of your decision have on each member of your family? It might be the case that you take on the same hours and workload as your previous job. If that’s the case, then your new job might not have any significant impact on them at all.

You should also have a think about what kind of pressure the job will put on you. If you think that the stress and pressure on your shoulders each day will increase, then this should be taken into consideration. And when you get stressed during the day, this can often have an impact on how you interact with your family when you get home.

Carry Out the Move in Advance if Necessary

If your new job requires you to move house, this is something that you should make sure you plan in advance. That perfect job is not always based around the corner. Sometimes, you have to move to a different city. If that’s the case, it can make the entire process much more difficult for you. Don’t leave it until the last moment because this will make things even more stressful for your family.

For people wondering about what kind of home to buy and which neighbourhood to choose, there’s great info from Bridgfords. This can help you improve your knowledge of a new area and choose whereabouts you want to live. Moving to a completely new location can be a real challenge, so get as much help as you can. Make sure your new employer is aware of the move as well.

Ask for a Flexible Schedule

You might be a little concerned about how you will find time to spend with your family when you take on this new job. That’s understandable. But many modern workplaces are not adopting flexible working options for employees. This is something that’s definitely worth enquiring about before you take on your new job. It could offer you the solution you’re looking for.

A flexible schedule would allow you to shape your working week around the needs of your family. It gives you the control that you want when you are trying to get that balance right. Of course, not all businesses will be able to allow you to do this. But you will never know unless you ask about it. It could be something that you bring up when you are negotiating a contract with your new employer.

Find Ways to Stay Connected When You’re Away

Some jobs require you to travel around a lot and go to different places. This can have a huge impact on your family life. If you are taking on this kind of job, you will have to make sure that you come up with ways to stay in contact with people. Luckily for you, this has never been easier thanks to modern communications technology.

You can use your laptop and smartphone to carry out video calls when you’re in another country. Of course, nothing is the same as spending one on one time with your family. But when you are in these kinds of situations, it’s usually just about making the best of them. So, plan how you will stay connected and avoid losing contact with your family for too long. It can be very damaging when that happens.


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Leave Your Work at the Office

Spending long hours at the office can be difficult for you to deal with. So, when you do leave the office, you should also leave the job behind. If you take your work home with you, it will start to invade your family life and take up the time you’re supposed to be spending with your family. That’s really not what you want to happen.

The time you have with your family should be dedicated to them. Switch the phone off and stop thinking about your work when that time arrives. Your family life will be endlessly disrupted when you allow your work to come home with you. Make it clear to your employer that you won’t let that happen when you take on the job. It’s always best to be clear with them.

Make Better Use of Your Paid Holidays

When you have a busy job, and you get paid holidays, you will value them more. You should learn to make the most of them and ensure that they are used to spend more time with your family. These times will become very precious when you don’t get much time away from the office.

Don’t waste a single day when you are planning how to use your paid holidays. Getting away from the family and taking a break together can be a great way to regroup after a busy period at work. It’s good for you because you need a break and some time away from your focus on work. And it’s obviously very good for your family who don’t get to spend as much time with you when you do a busy job.

Find Quality Childcare

Your new job might mean that you will need professional childcare services more than usual. If you and your partner are going to be working at the same times, this will be vital. Use your increased salary to pay for the best childcare. When you know that your children are in safe hands and are being looked after, you can relax and focus on doing your job.

Leaving your children with someone else while you work is never ideal. Every parent feels a slight degree of parental guilt when they have to do this. But you shouldn’t let yourself get too guilty because it doesn’t mean that you are neglecting them. It’s the way it has to be sometimes. And you are making the money that keeps them sheltered and fed. So, it’s not like you’re doing something unimportant with your time.


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