Your Best Instagram Content : Photalife Talks Episode 23

This week's podcast and the next few podcasts are going to be a series all about helping you improve your Instagram profiles. 

Instagram is the fastest growing social media and it needs to play a big part of your blogging/photography World. 

Over the weeks I'll be talking about different topics, this week its content. 

Content is the most important part of Instagram and before you upload anything you need to ask the question ' this my best work?'. If the answer is no then simply don't put it out there. 

If there is a doubt in your mind then don't put it out there, the way I think about my profile is...if this was a photography book would I be happy with all the photos in it? 

A great feature that Instagram has just launched is the archive tool, and for those photos, you've posted in the past that you're not happy with just simply archive them. 

I hope you enjoy this episode and can pick something up from it. 

Next week the topic will be different editing apps and filters.