Joining in with Instagram Communities : Photalife Talks Episode 29

This is the final part of the Instagram mini series. For the final part, it is all about joining in with communities and possibly building your own community. 

Joining in with communities is a major part of Instagram and if you want to grow your interactions and account then it's important to take part. The best way to join in with these is to simply click on one of the hashtags that you use and go a like and comment on other peoples photos. 

The idea is that a few of those people will in turn like your photos and as a community everyone gains better interaction. 

The smaller hashtags all generally have a community around them, look out for the ones with under 10,000 photos as this will be a good place to start. 

People on Instagram seem to think that follower numbers are what's important when actually it's the interaction that you're getting. 

With everything that we've spoken about over the past few weeks, it should mean that your account and interactions are growing. 

There won't be a show next week as we take a little break so we'll be back in two weeks with a new show.