Instagram: Bots, Pods & Changes : Photalife Talks Podcast Episode 16

Instagram has become a major part of people's life, and it's growing...FAST. 

Currently, there are 700m active members on there and they predict by the end of 2017 it will have topped 1 billion. 

Over the past few months they have made some pretty big changes, from stories, saved collections, live and all of this has helped it to really grow. Their latest change has come in the form of their mobile site. If you go to on the bottom part in the middle you'll see the camera icon, by pressing that you'll be able to upload a photo straight from your phone. 

In turn, this has meant that you can trick your browser into thinking it's a tablet or mobile and you can actually upload to Instagram via your computer, this is an unofficial way of doing it but I think it'll be the next move from Instagram. 

Along with these changes recently Instagram has shut down a major bot in the form of Instragress...and hopefully more to follow. 

I touched on the subject of 'pods' and also shadow banning, both of these will be talked about in more detail in blog posts to follow.