Photo Walks & Trey Ratcliff : Photalife Talks Podcast Episode 17

This week's podcast is about photo walks and mainly about the photo walk, I went on last weekend.

The walk was hosted by Trey Ratcliff in the beautiful surroundings of Hyde Park in London. 

If you've never visited Hyde Park before I really recommend it. 

The event started at 6 pm for a little meetup and then the walk began at 7 pm. The light was brilliant at this point but it was to get even better. 

In total, the walk was just under two miles with Trey stopping off to talk about his tips and why he was taking certain shots. 

As a quick tip from myself I'd always recommend moving slightly away from the crowd. Try and create a different angle otherwise everyone's photos will look the same. 

There will be a whole blog about this walk so keep and eye open.