My Unsplash Journey : Photalife Talks Episode 20

This week I wanted to talk about Unsplash and why I use it and why you should too. 

I have just ticked over 4 million views on Unsplash and it seemed like the perfect time to talk about it. For those that don't know Unsplash is, it's a HD stock photography platform. It's completely different from the stereotypical stock photography sites. 

All of the photos have been uploaded but photographers and creators from all around the World and these photos are amazing. 

Unsplash has been going for a little over 4 years and the stats for the site are 200,000 photos uploads, 20 billion views on those photos and 200 million downloads which works out to 4.5 photos per second. 

The stats for May are 1.29 billion views which is 30,000 a minute, the site is growing at a massive rate and I'm so glad I upload my photos there. 

Have a listen to the show for a few more things that it has done for me and go and check out Photoalife on Unsplash.