Filters & Photo Editing Apps : Photalife Talks Episode 24

This week's podcast follows on from last week's one all about Instagram content, this week we're talking about Instagram filters and mobile editing apps. 

Anyone that has used Instagram will know that the editing and filters built in are pretty rubbish so I suggest editing in a 3rd party app and then uploading to Instagram. 

A few of the apps I use are Lightroom Mobile, Snapseed, PicTapGo and Type on Pictures. All of these I think are free apart from PicTapGo which was £1.99. 

The other app I only discovered yesterday is called Spark Post from Adobe and it allows you to select where you want to upload the photo and it crops is to size. 

I'm going to be using this app for when I want to upload to stories to promote a blog post or YouTube video. 

Have you any go to apps or tips when uploading to Instagram? 

Next week's show will be about Instagram captions.