Instagram Hashtags : Photalife Talks Episode 26

This week we carry on the Instagram series, we've covered content, editing and captions and this week it's the turn of hashtags. 

The best practise with hashtags is to pick them carefully.  Ones like #fun #love #view etc have 3m+ photos and it's a pointless one to use. So look for ones that have under 500k and that way you'll have more chance to get seen. 

Pick ones that are still relevant to the photo but have a following of 2k - 100k that way people will find your photo easier.  

I have done a few tests with hashtags being either in the caption or the first comment and they always do better when the hashtags are in the caption. 

So taking on board what we've spoken about with the best content, the right caption and smaller hashtags you should be seeing an improvement in interactions. 

Next week we'll cover scheduling and timing of posting to Instagram. 

As always I would love to hear your comments on this and what you think.