Scheduling & Timing for Instagram : Photalife Talks Episode 27

Hopefully, you've been enjoying the Instagram series, this week it's all about scheduling and timing of your Instagram posts. 

People seem to have two different thoughts on this, the first that they want to keep Instagram as in the moment captures and the other is to plan them as much as possible. 

I personally use Instagram as my portfolio so I like to plan them as much as I can. There are 3rd party apps that post to Instagram for you but I'm of the opinion that Instagram doesn't like any sort of 3rd party apps so they will probably punish you in some way. 

I use Buffer to schedule mine, I upload the image and caption and set the time. When it gets to that time I receive a notification on my phone and they I simply copy it all and post it on to Instagram. 

When it comes to the timing, on a business account you can get all different insights into things and one of them is the time that your followers are most active. So for my account, it's about 7 am and 8 pm and that is the time I post on Instagram. 

Each account is different and if you have a personal account think about when you mostly use Instagram...that might be the best time for you to post, so is it at breakfast time? After dinner? 

All these little things can help with getting more followers and better engagement. 

Next week we'll be talking about becoming more consistent and using the things we've learnt over the past few week.