Returning to YouTube : Photalife Talks Podcast Episode 37

podcast title37.jpg

Welcome to the next episode of the podcast. I'm going to try and make these shows closer to 5 minutes long just so they're more bitesize and easier to listen to. 

I hope you enjoy it. 

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Things I mention in this episode:

  • New toys from Sandisk
  • Returning to YouTube
  • Which Fujifilm camera to try? 

Useful Notes for the show:

  • The great people have sent me a few things to try out, here is a sample photo. A review will follow. 
  • I'm wanting to return to making vlog style videos on YouTube, if you fancy watching one that I'm made in the past here you go. 
  • Finally which Fujifilm camera would you like to see me try out, the XPro2, X-T2 or the X100F?