Falling Drones, Nikon D5600 & Infinity - Photalife Talks EP9

Falling Drones, Nikon D5600 & Infinity - Photalife Talks EP9. 

This week's show starts off with the news from GoPro that they have recalled every Karma drone as they have had reports of them losing power and falling from the sky. There haven't been any reports of injuries but it's not good news for the company. You can read the full report on their website 

This week Nikon announced a new model to their 5000 series DSLR, this is called D5600 which will be available in the coming weeks and is available for pre-order. The 24.2mp camera is available from Jessops for £799 including a kit lens.

Also this year Apple's App of the Year is now available on Windows as a free BETA - Affinity photo and this is brilliant news and well worth taking a look. 

And if anyone is interested in a competition for November then send me your Autumn pictures and I'll pick my favourite to win a prize. Either email me or tweet me them.