Instagram Shadow Banning : Photalife Talks Episode 19

This week we're back on the topic of Instagram and more specifically Shadow Banning. 

Shadow Banning seems to be the key phrase in blogging, social media circles, everyone wants to know how to avoid it and what steps to take so it doesn't affect you. 


There is so much fake news around this subject and I will try to shed some light on this. Basically, there was a website that claimed you could put your photo link into it and it would tell you if you had been shadow banned. 

The truth is that on a lot of hashtags there are so many photos being tagged on them that your photo is being knocked down the list so quickly. Ones like #fun #love #view etc have 3m+ photos and it's a pointless one to use. So look for ones that have under 100k and that way you'll have more chance to get seen. 

The development of Facebook's AI is a major player in the future of Instagram and it started to roll out in February and what this does is scan the photo to work out what is in it. So if you use #flowers and there are no flowers in the photo then they will hide that photo. 

So the way to create and get the most out of Instagram the best thing is to post good quality content and relevant hashtags. 

As always I would love to hear your comments on this and what you think.