My Software Choices

Gone are the days when Coral Draw or such like would do the job. 

Currently on my computer I have three different pieces of software to edit my photos. The most used one at the moment is Adobe Lightroom. It's one I've only just discovered and I've no idea why I didn't use it sooner. It can be adapted for your use and I still don't use it to the full potential and I need to work on my storing my photos on there but that's for a different day. 

I subscribe to the Adobe Creative Cloud which costs around £10 per month and for that you get Lightroom and Photoshop. Photoshop is so powerful and allows you to do pretty much everything you want from adding layers, adding text and editing backgrounds. 

As a big fan of HDR Photography I also use another piece of software called Photomatix which allows me to merge a series of photos together to create one final image. At this point I can then change various things or use a number of different presets. Here's a little video I made of this. 

In the last few weeks the guys at Skylum and the awesome Trey Ratcliff released something called Aurora HDR which is simply brilliant. This software combines the best of everything all into one package. Have a little watch of this video to get a little idea what it's all about. 

The video above was for the original Aurora HDR software and now there is a new edition called Aurora HDR 2018. This has all new features and to demonstrate this have a watch of the video below. 

I love trying new pieces of software but only review ones that I enjoy using or that I think are useful. 

  • Aurora HDR - I think this is the best HDR software you can get, and it's now even better as it's available on both Mac and Windows.

  • Luminar - Another piece of software from the guys at Macphun, every year it gets better. Can be used as a plugin for Lightroom or as a stand alone.

  • Plotagraph - This is a fun piece of software that uses a single jpeg into a moving image, honestly it's so much fun.

You can see a bit more on My Software page

Additional Software Reviews

  • Photolemur - A piece of software that uses AI to edit photos.